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ESL Communicative Tennis Game Template

A life saving football board game template you must have.

ESL Communicative Football Game Template

ESL communicative Tennis game template- Download

Time’s up! Tennis Game

Skills to practice:
Encourage fluency through this tennis game. The idea is that the ball does not stay with one player (team) more than 5 seconds or more seconds for a start or if your class has slow students. Note: The idea here is to achieve fluency so minor mistakes in sentences are ignorable.
Class Levels:   Adaptable for all levels of students, all class sizes, all kinds of language focus.
Requirements:  Cut out the game equipment below.
How to play:

  1. Start by giving each team an equal number of copies of the Warm up worksheet. Students will take some time in their groups to prepare questions to ask the other team. Try to focus the questions by giving each round a title. For example round 1 could be questions about the topic TRAVEL.  That would mean that the title of round 1 is TRAVEL. All four questions should be related to travel. They should be simple or average questions for example: Have you ever been to Japan?  Remember the idea of the game is to encourage fluency, so keep the questions simple for a start. Later or in another class you can begin to make things more complicated.
  2. There are two options. You can give four topics and ask students to make four questions each for all four topics. Students should write the title of each round on the top of each round- that is the topic for that round. You may choose to play from 1 to 4 rounds depending on the level of interest and also depending on class time.
  3. While the students are preparing their questions the teacher goes round checking to correct mistakes in the questions.
  4. When questions are ready from both sides, get ready to start. Put take out the tennis board game.
  5. Make the rules clear. Each team will ask start at number 1 of their side. They will toss a coin to decide who starts first.
  6. The team that wins the coin tossing starts the game.
  7.  To start the game, the team stands on number 1 of its own end of the board and asks a question while pushing the ball to number 1 of the other side.
  8. The other team has 5 seconds (less or more) to respond to the question and ask then ask its own number 1 question. While asking the question, they push the ball to number 1 of the other side.
  9. The other side (the side the started first) responds to the question and asks its second question within 5 seconds.
  10. While asking its second question, it pushes the ball over to number 2 of the other side. The game goes on same until they all finish their number 4 questions. After the four questions, round 1 is over.
  11. If one team cannot answer a question with 5 seconds (or time agreed), the other team shouts: “Time’s UP!”
  12. Time’s up!  Means that the side that asked the question gets a point. They carry on.
  13. At the end, the team with a higher score in all the rounds wins the game.
  14. Feel free to adapt this game for your classes as you like. Also feel free to modify or add rules.

Tips for large classes:

This game is a board game, but can also be played in a large class. Photocopy the game on an A3 or larger paper size, or project on a projector if your class has one.



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