Prepare your favourite dish

Level: pre-intermediate

Grammar focus: Adverbs of Sequence . ( first,next,then , after that,finally )

Aim: How to describe a process.


  1. Photocopies of food cards ( vegetables ,fruits,drinks etc),which students can cut out.
  2. Paper plates/ dishes,scissors and card paper for drawing and cutting.(can give card papers for students to make them if time permits)
  3. A Mr. Bean Movie with the sandwich making episode will be a great blessing to this lesson. Download the Mr. Bean worksheet here. If you can't lay hands on the video, look at the worksheet and do a similar exercise with another video.
  4. Make copies of the worksheet to hand to students.

Pre-task warmer:

  Hand out movie worksheet to students. Pre-teach the vocabulary listed on the worksheet. Students watch and answer questions. Focus attention on words like, first, next, then, finally.


Tell students they are going to describe in detail how to cook their favourite food. It will be a good idea to split the class into groups. The groups should decide on a dish they all like. To motivate them promise some kind of reward for the best group.

  Write these questions on the board.

•  Planning:

•  Executing task:   Using the points jotted down students begin to write a detailed description on the process.

  Reporting to the class:

   A spokesperson or group leader reports back to the class. During this time students listen carefully to every group and later decide which one is best.

Post task:

    Make a class magazine and put complete projects into them. At the end of the course you might make copies for students of put them in a class or school library.

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